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A former professional sportsman turned coach with a passion for bringing the best out of individuals and achieving excellence. Having experienced the highs and lows of life, I am determined to share my experiences and learning to accelerate the success of my clients. I have always seen limitations and challenges as opportunities and despite the magnitude of this occasion, this certainly has been no different. Pursuing my true passion and calling in life, I am now a life coach based in Derby that will help you go to the next level in every aspect and transform your life.

Obstacles were created to be overcome, records made to be broken and life here to be lived. I have never allowed limitations to hold me back, instead to drive me to achieve my goals. I have always believed that no one person is more gifted, talented or destined for success than another. Success like happiness is a choice. There are no shortcuts to success, no secrets, no magic formula. Hard work, dedication, determination, mindset and relentlessness combined with immense (strategic) action creates success. There is no right time but this moment in time, your past cannot be changed, your future cannot be planned but your present will shape your future.

Familiar with high performance, performing under pressure, work/ life balance and elite environments, I am perfectly placed to not only help you but also challenge and inspire you to make the life you always dreamed of a reality. 

I've always had a passion to not only help people but to help them transform their lives and maximise their potential. I love to push the boundaries of potential, challenge the status quo and break imaginary limitations other people set for us.

Shiv Thakor

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