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Shiv Thakor Performance Coach

Excellence, fulfilling potential and greatness have always driven me, however one thing I have always been obsessed with is legacy. We may not live on, but our legacy, lives for eternity.

I am a former professional sportsman that has experienced the highs and lows that life has in store. My life has been a journey of defying the odds and chasing greatness. From humble beginnings, I have always been driven by two things: excellence and legacy. Through multiple experiences and years I have crossed paths with some incredible people and been lucky to see some amazing things. Nothing in my life was ever given to me, I have had to work for everything. Overcoming challenges and obstacles have become a way of life for me and I was faced with arguably the biggest challenge of my life a couple of years ago. This changed the course of my life and curtailed a career I worked to excel in for over two decades.

These events in turn have accelerated my pursuit of a career and way of life that has not only fascinated me but also one that I have been incredibly passionate about. My departure from cricket has led to me discovering my true calling and enter the world of coaching. My life has been centered around elite performance and maximising potential while overcoming the limitations that others feel they can set upon us. It gives me incredible satisfaction and pleasure seeing others grow into the people they have always wanted to be. As a life coach, I use all of my personal experiences, lessons I have learnt from the best in the world and unrelenting passion to help transform the lives of my clients.

In my life, I have been lucky enough to have a career I love, great family relationships and happiness as well as the opportunity to travel the world and meet incredible people. With the highs however, come the lows, economic difficulties, bereavement, doubters, discrimination and so much more. These things can make or break you, I have always seen them as a chance to make me. 

Legacy has always fascinated me. Creating something that lives on when we no longer do, to me, that is success.

Shiv Thakor

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