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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a consultation?

The initial consultation which I offer allows both my clients and I to gain a greater understanding of each other and assess whether the working relationship is correct for both parties. I will also conduct a life assessment with you which will prove invaluable to the work we do should we agree to work together. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

What are your fees?

My fees are not discussed prior to an initial consultation as the programme will be bespoke and tailored specifically to your requirements. All of my programmes offer 24/7 access to me via WhatsApp. Each session will last up to 2 hours and will be conducted in Derby or via Skype. 

What is coaching?

Just as you have a personal trainer for your fitness, a mentor for your job and a teacher for your education, as a personal coach I help adults to transform their lives. A coach is there to challenge you, question you and hold you accountable enabling you to live the life you have always wanted. My first piece of coaching... get a coach.

Duration of the coaching programme?

My coaching programmes last for a minimum of 3 months consisting of six 1 to 1 sessions lasting up to two hours in addition to 24/7 access to me via WhatsApp for the duration of our time working together. When we work together, I am not your coach for just six sessions, I am in your life for a minimum of 3 months. 

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