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I not only challenge the mindset of my clients, I help to transform it. Given my background in elite sport, I am fully aware of the mental toughness, resilience and ruthlessness required to succeed. Through my experiences and knowledge, I help clients remove their limiting beliefs and mental blocks to set them free. Not only will I help you change the way you think, I will also challenge your perception. In life, 10% is what happens to you, 90% is how you perceive/ see it. With this renewed perspective, you will see the world in a way you never thought possible, unlocking a world of endless possibility and opportunity. 

Understanding the importance of self-confidence and mindset through my background as a professional sportsman, I work with my clients to unlock their potential.

Through my holistic approach to life coaching, I appreciate the importance of a well-balanced life. With my clients I cover a number of areas to ensure every area of your life is not only transformed but working in unison to achieve the goals we set out to.

The areas I cover include, but are not limited to:   


• Energy level

• Personal development

• Interests/ passions

• Stress reduction

• Health/ well-being

• Weight loss/ gain

• Fitness

• Diet

• Addictions/ bad habits

• Time management

• Organisation skills

• Communication skills

• Business start-up

• Interview techniques

• Body language/ voice tonality

• Image/ personal brand

• Happiness/ fulfillment level

• Peak performance

• Sense of purpose

goal setting

• Productivity/ taking action

• Gaining clarity

• Overcoming procrastination

• Work/ life balance

• Career

• Finance

• Dating/ relationships

• Confidence/ self-belief

• Self-love

• Motivation

• Leadership

• Public speaking

• Assertiveness


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