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The B.S. That Is Holding You Back

Nature vs Nurture is a widely debated question, however, not many people stop to consider the B.S. that holds them back. Where do you get your B.S. from? Whether it be from your childhood, formative conversations or observations, your B.S. has not only come from somewhere, it is stopping you from getting where you want to be.

I will never have money, I will never have my dream job, car or house. What else have you been telling yourself that comes down to your B.S.?

B.S. – Belief System

As humans, every one of us is governed by the belief systems that we have formed from a very young age. It is these unhealthy beliefs about yourself, unhealthy beliefs about others and unhealthy beliefs about the world that are holding you back.

Over the course of time, each of these limiting beliefs that form your belief system manifest into self-fulfilling prophecies.

Unhealthy beliefs → unhealthy habits → negative outcomes → reinforce and strengthen unhealthy belief system

Given the number of different beliefs we have about ourselves, others and the world and despite our belief that our thoughts are completely accurate, the truth is, at least a few of our core beliefs are irrational and unproductive.

Consistency is the key to achieving anything whether it be good or bad. With this in mind, we must remember that changing our belief systems can take time, but it is POSSIBLE. You have likely held onto these debilitating beliefs for a long time meaning they have been reinforced and strengthened. This means change will not happen overnight however, challenging your belief systems head on can reap life-changing rewards.

Firstly, power is derived from identifying and accepting a belief system we have is unhealthy. By identifying a problem, you can appreciate what you’re up against, allowing you to solve it.

Action creates results, therefore, altering your habits will begin to erode your irrational belief system, leading to change. In life, you find what you look for, so just as easy as it is to find the bad, is it equally as simple to find the good. Perspective.

You are stronger than you think, our brains are built for survival and it therefore instinctively searches for danger and risk playing into an unhealthy belief system being formed.

Thankfully, we are in control of our thoughts, meaning we are in control of our feelings. This determines our actions which then produces the result we are looking for. Challenge your thoughts and belief systems head on. Take the first steps to changing the way you think and feel.

This could change your life.

Think about your B.S. → Question your B.S. → Refine and optimise your B.S. → Make your B.S. your strength

Your B.S. shapes your world, choose the B.S. that supports your life.

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