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What If It Was Possible?

What would you do if nothing was impossible? What would your life look like if impossible didn’t exist? Where would you be if there was no such thing as impossible?

What if I said impossible is a myth? What if I said impossible doesn’t exist? Furthermore, what if I was to suggest impossible is an excuse?

Take a moment and think, does impossible really exist or is it merely a concept?

What we believe in life is often a result of our belief system which has been formed over the course of our lives. These beliefs are often the thoughts, feelings and OPINIONS of instrumental figures in our lives. Now imagine all the people that have played a pivotal role in your nurture. All their negative beliefs, imaginary limitations and failures projected onto you. Compound them. Suddenly, we begin to arrive at the very concept of how we ever got to impossible.

Imagine all the things we have been told in our lives that we have taken as FACT, never questioned, never challenged. Were each and every one of these true? Chances are they were not.  

With that in mind, imagine how many things over the course of your life were said to be impossible. In the same way those apparent FACTS were proven to be untrue, what if the things you were told are impossible truly are… possible?

What will you do now you ask yourself... what if?

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