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You Are Consuming But What Are You Doing?

Stop reading things, watching things and telling people about things if you aren't changing. 

"I've read ten books"

"I've watched six documentaries"


What difference does it make if you don't change? What difference does it make if you do not apply what you have learnt? How does it change your life if you consume more than you do?

Read one chapter, apply what you learn. Watch a small clip, apply what you learn.

Otherwise, what difference does it make if you read a whole book but don't apply what you learn and celebrate being a serial consumer not an action taker?

The thing that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary is not only the appetite to learn and grow but the ability to apply and take action on their continuous learning. 

Why is it the most talented and successful people have coaches but the majority of the public do not? 

Successful people have coaches to identify their blind spots, navigate/ maximise their greatest opportunities of growth and hold them accountable to take action on the things they learn. 

Learn. Do. Review. 

It is okay to ask for help. The most successful people in the world find and seek as much as help as they can in pursuit of their greatness. 

Would you rather not ask for help and live with regret or ask for help and become Extraordinary.

If their is an area in your life where you are not what or where you want to be, it is your fault.

Again... It is your fault.

The great thing about that is because it's your fault you can do something about it. You are in control of your destiny. Make a decision and a plan, commit to it, get the help/ support you need to hold you accountable and keep you on track to go from being a consumer to a producer/ doer.

Surround yourself with a support network that provides value and aligns with the direction you are going in. Do all you can to align every aspect of your life to the person you want to be, not the person you once were or are.

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