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Sport is an incredibly rewarding yet challenging industry to be excel in. Having been a professional sportsman myself I fully understand the pressures, sacrifices and demands put on individuals to consistently perform at the highest level.

However, the person is the performer/ player not the other way around. Look after the person and the athlete will deliver. Although sports teams and organisations have psychologists, coaches and support staff, who looks after the welfare and personal life of these individuals.

Over the course of history, we have seen how somebody’s personal life can have a dramatic impact on their professional careers/ performances. There is perhaps no greater example than a legendary golfer whose personal life dramatically changed the course of his career. Yet what provisions are being made to look after the welfare and personal life of athletes across the world of sport. A sports psychologist may support you with on field/ track performance through routines, self-talk and visualisation but who is supporting you with challenges and demands in your personal life?

The demands of travel, time away from your family/ home, challenges with your relationship, financial pressures, career uncertainty, health of loved ones and life fulfilment to name but a few are examples of what happen outside of the sporting arena that impact an athlete.

Combining my experience of being a professional sportsman with my role as a life coach I believe I can make a dramatic impact on your sporting career through support in your private life which directly correlates to performance.  

My experience within elite sport also allows me to fully appreciate the mindset, thought process and edge a performer must have to excel. I work with clients on enhancing and developing the necessary mentality to take their performance to the next level. In addition to this, I help athletes/ teams manage their ability to perform under pressure and release in-congruent beliefs about their ability to deliver consistent results.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation to take both your career and life from ordinary to extraordinary.

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