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I’ve always liked the idea of having a life coach but there was a little part of me that was skeptical as to whether it could really make a difference. I could not have been more wrong!

During the consultation, Shiv told me that each session could last up to 2 hours. I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough to talk about for that amount of time, but every session has absolutely flown by and left me with so much to think about. You also don’t just get those 2 hours a week, he’s also available via WhatsApp for any questions or support I might need and often sends me motivational messages throughout the week.

Having an objective person monitoring my progress and holding me accountable for the changes I want to make in my life is exactly what I need and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made so far with Shiv’s help. One of the things I’m most thankful to Shiv for is that, not only has he helped me identify the areas of my life that need work and helped me create a plan to make those changes, he’s also made me appreciate that there are a lot of elements of my life that I am actually very happy with and I now no longer take that for granted.

I am excited to continue my coaching with Shiv and see what opportunities come with the renewed perspective he has given me.

If you’re thinking about working with Shiv, my advice would be to stop thinking about it and do it!

Michael Brown

Recruitment Consultant

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I was very excited at the opportunity to work with Shiv, as the time difference between London and Melbourne is unforgiving. Fortunately Shiv easily accommodate my unusual situation.
During the very first session he quickly picked up on my shortcomings so we could promptly start with the program.

After just a few sessions I already felt a profound effect on my life. I am much closer to achieving my goals, have greater clarity and the advice Shiv has provided has enabled me to transform my relationships and happiness.

The best thing about Shiv is that he was able to work around my rather chaotic routine and improve it, rather than having me follow something completely new. I found a new confidence myself and I'm ready to take it to the next level.

Magdalena Fatyga

Enterprise Education Manager

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Shiv has been a fantastic addition and catalyst to our continual development as a club. His passion for winning is infectious and has driven us even further. Working with our management team and players, he has helped us significantly improve our communication, strategy and performance. Using his own methods and expertise as well as scientifically-proven tools, Shiv brought the information to life, increasing both the awareness and authenticity in addition to helping us get the best out of people. He has been incredibly professional and delivered huge value through his insight and acumen. We look forward to continuing our work with Shiv and benefiting from his desire to help us win and constant ability to push the boundaries of what we strive to achieve. His ability to effectively communicate and raise standards is exemplary as is his work ethic. I am really excited to see how he continues to form a vital piece of the puzzle by increasing the clarity and strategy to allow for consistent execution on the field. I would highly recommend Shiv to any team or business that is wanting to improve their performance and maximise human potential. 

Sean Jarvis




Radically transforming people's mindset from Ordinary to Extraordinary. I help people to remove their limiting beliefs & gain a winning mindset. Anything is possible.

sense of purpose

I help people find clarity in what they truly want & provide them with direction to navigate to their success. I unlock their deepest motivation to propel them into consistent, purposeful action.


I explore the greatest opportunities for growth in people & help them tap into their potential. As humans our ability to grow is infinite. I help people turn that possibility into reality.


In any area of life, communication is fundamental skill. Becoming a world-class communicator allows you stand out & take relationships, both personal & private to the next level.

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clients include: 

Shiv Thakor is a performance coach and life coach consultant who helps clients transform their potential so they are able to achieve their desired result. Working in various areas of personal development, he has worked with an array of business owners, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, coaches, CEOs, actors, creative artists, and leaders in his professional journey.

Shiv Thakor’s coaching methods aim to challenge and transform the mindset of his clientele. Focusing on providing clarity, strategy and execution, with experience as a professional athlete, Shiv is very direct in his approach, unapologetically honest, solution-focused, and result-orientated who is driven by legacy unleashing potential and achieving the impossible.


Health is one of the most important things in a person's life. I ensure everything I do helps people to maximise & improve their health. My work focuses on physical, mental & spiritual aspects of health to deliver a healthy mind, body & soul.

love life

I help people to find the relationship they have always wanted, maintain a great relationship & gain a lasting connection with their partner. Working on factors such as communication, prioritisation, & ways of showing affection. 


Time management, prioritisation & planning are crucial to ones success. I work with people to maximise the effectiveness of their organisation in order to prepare them to succeed. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


The most important thing is for people to be happy & fulfilled. The work I do with people is to enhance their lives, deliver results in all aspects of their lives & create lasting happiness. My aim is to dramatically transform people's lives & happiness. In doing so, their life & happiness goes from ordinary to extraordinary.


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